Monday, November 03, 2008

Australia Talks

Australia Talks is a topical discussion program on ABC Radio National hosted by Paul Barclay. As far as I know, it’s Radio National’s only ‘talk back’ program, but don’t let that put you off… it’s generally a forum for a fairly rational debate on issues of broad interest in the community.

Today’s topic was Recycled Water, focusing on the Western Corridor Recycled Water Project in South East Queensland. Guests included:

Professor Peter Collignon, Infectious disease physician and microbiologist, Clinical school, ANU.

Professor Paul Greenfield, Vice-Chancellor, University of Queensland, Chair of Queensland Water Commission's independent Scientific Expert Panel.

Snow Manners, resident of Toowoomba and campaigner against recycled water.

Anton Vigenser, Spokesperson Victorian Water Forum.

I very much enjoyed this program and thought that there were some interesting insights from callers. Both Peter Collignon and Snow Manners have contributed to discussion on this blog over the last two years and long-time readers will be familiar with most of their concerns. But I particularly enjoyed listening to Anton Vigenser and his clear enthusiasm for potable water recycling as an environmentally sustainable solution to address water shortages in Victoria.

I thought the callers were roughly evenly split for and against recycled water, -or perhaps slightly more in favour. That may somewhat reflect the ABC demographic, but there did appear to be a good representation from various states around the country.

If you missed it, you can listen to the program online here. I hope Mark from Brisbane is feeling better...

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